Storykeeping Workshop participant Ellen Kaidanow, 2017

“THANK YOU for ALL you have done to help me save my family’s story — your Workshop was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Not only do I have our story saved for my children, but I have learned about myself, and I will take that learning with me into my life going forward.”

Ellen Kaidanow

“Participating in the Safekeeping Stories Workshop has been one of the most meaningful, formative experiences I have ever had.  Through writing and sharing my father’s Holocaust story I learned that it is also my story, and that it continually effects my family’s actions and responses. Jill offers her expertise in motivating and editing, with thoughtful encouragement, enthusiasm, caring and patience.”

Audrey Unger Reich

Storykeeping Workshop participant Audrey Unger Reich, 2017
Storykeeping Workshop participant Millie Jasper, 2017

“These workshops have been extremely helpful to our organization. I’m grateful to Jill and Safekeeping Stories for helping the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center continue its mission.”

Millie Jasper, Executive Director, Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center

“I am enormously grateful to Jill for encouraging me with her inimitable warmth, commitment and unconditional support to craft the story of my family’s life in Europe and odyssey leaving in wartime to freedom.

Jill’s training to look through my own lens via focusing activities helped me to realize my own strengths…A Safekeeping Stories workshop supports the destination and validates who you become along the way!”

Sandra Mehl

Storykeeping Workshop participant Sandy Mehl, 2017
Storykeeping Workshop participant Kathy Zaltas, 2017

“Thank you for helping me find the strength to tell my mother’s story, and mine. Through the practice of Storykeeping and your compassion, from little Slice to the next, I was able to first write and then tell these stories out loud. This experience has changed my life forever!”

Kathy Zaltas

“Safekeeping stories gave me the gift of a structure and the time to pull together all of the various stories we had heard through the years about my Mother’s Holocaust experiences.

While I initially embarked on this journey as a means to pull it all together, what I didn’t realize is that this was really a gift to my family and our children. My Mother’s story will now be preserved for our children and their children and generations to come.

Safekeeping Stories gave me the courage and the discipline to actually sit and write it all down. I had often thought about tackling this project, but it always seemed too overwhelming- Safekeeping Stories broke it down into the logical steps for me.”

Wendy Sandler

Storykeeping Workshop participant Wendy Sandler, 2017
Storykeeping Workshop participant Lea Weinberg, 2017

“Thank you, Jill, I am so grateful for your guidance. You enriched my knowledge and working skills, helped arrange the order of my story, and advised me which parts to cut, always with patience and warm smile. I am glad to continue as a member of the Story Club.”

Lea Weinberg, Artist and Sculptor

“Participating in the Safekeeping Stories Workshop with Jill Sarkozi was a gift to myself and my family. Jill helped me clear out the “block” and delve in to my family history and get it on paper — or rather in a Google doc.

In writing it down and working at it for the weeks of the workshop, I came out with a gift to my children and future generations.

The telling of the Holocaust will seem like just a history lesson unless the stories of the real people are told. Thank you Safekeeping Stories for helping me get both of my parents stories out and down for posterity”

Anita Greenwald

Storykeeping Workshop participant Anita Greenwald, 2017
Storykeeping Workshop participant Ellen Greenberg, 2017

“The Safekeeping Stories Workshop was life-changing for me. It allowed me to replace the fear and avoidance I had of my Dad’s painful story with a new-found understanding, appreciation, and love for my Dad, who passed away in 2008.”

Ellen Bachner Greenberg

“I joined a Second Generation group because I wanted to tell the story of my family during the Holocaust. But how to tell it? There were so many facts and dates and historical events, and so much to tell. Where should I begin, what to include and what to leave out?

It is because of Jill’s teaching, guidance and support that I have fulfilled my desire to tell my family’s story and teach people about the Holocaust.

Since graduating from the workshop I have had several very successful and impactful speaking engagements.”

Dr. Joan Solomon

Storykeeping Workshop participant Joan Salomon, 2017

High-Quality Content, Meaningful Experience.