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Grow Your Community With a Family History Workshop

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Programs For Organizations

Grow Your Community With a Family History Workshop

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Our unique family history workshops help people preserve stories about their parents and grandparents. Organizations trust Safekeeping Stories to lead an engaging and affirming workshop.

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Connect Your Community

Empower your community with the rich tapestry of their family histories. Safekeeping Stories is your partner in crafting a memorable family history workshop that strengthens bonds and creates lasting connections. 
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We provide high-quality, engaging programming that builds relationships.

Benefits to Your Organization

Life-enriching learning for your members
Facilitated discussions about family and identity
An avenue for deepening relationships with and within your community
The foundation for future programs to share the stories created
A practical way to pass stories from generation to generation
Increased member engagement with the organization

Your Workshop Participants Will

Bring meaning to family experiences
Feel rooted in their family’s past
Gain new perspectives on family members
Form a unique bond with other participants
Have a tangible way to connect their children to the family’s heritage
Maintain an enduring loyalty to the organization

One-Day Workshops | Speaking at Conferences, Retreats, Luncheons, and Dinners |
Multi-Session Workshops

*All offerings are available in person or online

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Topics Include


Why Story Is Your Family’s Secret Sauce (and How to Create Yours)


The Essential Stories to Capture for Your Family


Your Family’s Food Story: A Recipe for Connection


How Will Your Kids Tell Your Family’s Holocaust Story?


There’s a Place for Us: Create The Story of Your Family’s Meaningful Places


Your Family Treasure: Capturing Stories of Meaningful Objects

“These workshops have been extremely helpful to our organization. I’m grateful to Jill and Safekeeping Stories for helping the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center continue its mission.”.
—Millie Jasper, Executive Director, Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center
The Safekeeping Stories Program is of tremendous value to the participants and their families. Prior to this program, the remembrances of my father’s family was a collection of pictures, documents, video recordings and extensive verbal recollections. The carefully designed writing assignments, excellent teaching by Ellen Kaidanow and class interactions enabled me to craft this large collection of information into a flowing narrative that brought my ancestors to life and into historical perspective.
—Howard Reissner
“I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve gotten from the Safekeeping Stories Workshop experience. It provided just the right combination of structure, encouragement, gentle coaching and opportunities to share with our group. These are meaningful family stories that could have stopped with me, but now they have been preserved for my children and future generations.”
—Dr. Robert Stark