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Safekeeping Stories runs Storykeeping Workshops, Story Clubs, and One-on-One Sessions that provide education, tools, and a supportive community for Storykeeping, an innovative approach to health and wellness focused on personal story which draws upon history, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, literature and the science of well-being.

We serve individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

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Jill Sarkozi is the Founder of Safekeeping Stories and is the creator of Storykeeping, which arose out of her passion for family stories and her desire to ensure their safekeeping.

Jill has found that everyone has a unique story to tell and enjoys helping people experience the accomplishment that comes from authoring their story and the purpose and meaning they find along the way.

Jill has found particular meaning working with descendants of Holocaust survivors to preserve their relatives’ memories and understand the intergenerational impact of the Holocaust on their lives and on the lives of the families that they are creating. With her encouragement, Jill’s father-in-law documented his Holocaust story for her family.

Jill has a degree in Finance from Tulane University, a law degree from Tulane Law School, and is certified in Applied Positive Psychology. She has four children and lives with her husband outside of New York City.

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Paul Sarkozi serves as Safekeeping Stories’ chief legal and business advisor. He is co-chair of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department at Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP in New York City and has been recognized for five years as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in the New York Metro area. Paul recently served as Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Commercial and Federal Litigation Section, which regularly addresses critical issues affecting business litigation in both NY State and Federal courts. Paul is a Lecturer-in-Law at Columbia Law School, where he teaches the Negotiation Workshop.

Paul graduated summa cum laude from Yale University and cum laude from Harvard Law School. He is part of the Second Generation; his father, grandparents, and uncle survived the Holocaust.

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Robin Giacomo serves as Safekeeping Stories’ mind, body, and spirit advisor.

Robin is a unique yoga instructor with a dedicated following and a personal growth coach who has undergone extensive training with Elena Brower in New York City. She has taught well-being courses to business students at both Stanford and Columbia Universities. Robin leads local and international coaching circles using the gROw Method, her proven personal growth coaching template.

Robin is passionate about guiding individuals to experience deep connections within themselves, cultivate the compassion that grows as a result, and spread it to their families and beyond.

See Robin’s website for more information.

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