Create a meaningful family story in about ten pages.

No writing skills required.


Storykeeping workshops teach people how to preserve and share family stories.

Modern, practical, and easy-to-use, Storykeeping has been developed through a decade of research and years of experience with Storykeepers.

Anyone can create a legacy of meaning about their family with Storykeeping in just a handful of pages.

  • Locate the key events in the life of your family

  • Write about parents, grandparents, yourself

  • Craft your story in small SlicesTM

  • Connect to the past --- provide wellness for the future

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Learn Storykeeping to identify and capture key family stories as you tell them in small segments we call Slices.

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Fundraisers, conferences, educational and community events — create an engaging talk about your story and make an impact

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What People Say
About Our Programs

As a direct result of completing the workshop, I have now embarked on a path of dedicated Holocaust education which includes; telling my parent’s story in schools, synagogues and civic groups, as well as continuing to write more family stories.

Participating in the Safekeeping Stories Workshop has been one of the most meaningful, formative experiences I have ever had. Through writing and sharing my father’s Holocaust story I learned that it is also my story, and that it continually effects my family’s actions and responses.

My parents were both Holocaust survivors… I’m thankful to Jill and her Safekeeping Stories Workshop program for allowing me to do my part in the mission to ensure the world never forgets what my parents survived.

These workshops have been extremely helpful to our organization. I’m grateful to Jill and Safekeeping Stories for helping the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center continue its mission.

I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve gotten from the Safekeeping Stories Workshop. It provided just the right combination of structure, encouragement, gentle coaching, and opportunities to share with our group.

Turn your memories into a lasting legacy in just a few weeks.