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Turn Your Family Stories Into a Short and Shareable Memoir


Turn Your Family Stories Into a Short and Shareable Memoir

We’ve Helped 200+ Families Tell Their Stories

Creating a Family Memoir Connects The Generations

Family stories about your parents and grandparents honor their lives and connect your children to places of meaning, traditions, resilience, and love. Think of your father arriving in the US at age 15, your grandmother’s soup simmering on the stove, your grandfather’s struggles during the war, your mother’s candlesticks, or the trip you took to the ancestral hometown.

These stories remind us of the inner strength and innate wisdom we carry in our bones that will be lost to time if not shared.

Work with Safekeeping Stories to write and preserve your family’s stories for the generations to come.

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Your Story Is Within You—
We Give You a Key To Unlock It

Stories connect the generations. Storytelling passes along the memories, significant experiences, and traditions, but what happens when these stories are forgotten? Writing your family memoir preserves your family history, cultivates gratitude, and celebrates life. It deepens your connections to your family and gives your children a rich understanding of who they are and where they come from.

To write it down is to remember it—and create a lasting legacy.

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The Storykeeping® Method

It may feel like you don’t know where to start. You don’t have all the facts, or you have boxes and boxes of them. You regret that you didn’t ask more questions and now don’t have anyone to ask. Well, you know more than you think and don’t have to know everything! Let us guide you and make it easier using our Storykeeping method.


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The Benefits of Being Rooted in  family story

Children and young adults who know their family stories show:

Understand your ancestral inheritance, strengthen your family bonds, and give your children and grandchildren a powerful intergenerational narrative.

Are you ready to start your family memoir?


If you want a happier family, create, refine and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your ability to bounce back from the difficult ones. That act alone may increase the odds that your family will thrive for many generations to come.
—Bruce Feiler, “The Stories That Bind Us”
The New York Times


One-on-One Consulting

Work with us One-on-One to write your family story in a way that works for you. Capture your family’s experiences in your voice using our Storykeeping method and create a lasting legacy. Book one session at a time or in a series of three or six sessions.

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Family Memoir Workshops

Join our guided workshops to craft your family memoir in just weeks. No writing expertise is needed. Using our Storykeeping method, we’ll show you how to bring your story to life in a way that captivates and connects your family members.

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Safekeeping Stories of The Holocaust Workshop

You want to remember your parent or grandparent’s story of survival. Growing up around a survivor provides you with a unique vantage point for capturing their experiences. Preserve your family’s story in just a few weeks with the practical, empathetic, and communal approach of our Storykeeping method.

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Programs For Organizations

We help organizations create community by providing members with an opportunity to engage about a topic of personal meaning. Our workshops and speaking engagements provide valuable learning, strengthen bonds, and forge deeper connections between members and the sponsoring organization.

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Writing my mother’s and grandmother’s Holocaust story has been a meaningful journey for me. When I first heard about the Safekeeping Stories class, I was excited to take on this project but hesitant since I didn’t think I had enough information to write about. I was also concerned because I didn’t have a writing background. None of that proved to be an obstacle. The writing took place weekly in small, manageable pieces, or slices as Jill refers to them. She really helped me to flesh out the story and write it in my own voice. I’m grateful for her thoughtful feedback and guidance throughout the workshop, helping me turn a project that felt insurmountable a year ago, into a tangible, family keepsake.
—Janine Marlowe
“I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve gotten from the Safekeeping Stories Workshop experience. It provided just the right combination of structure, encouragement, gentle coaching and opportunities to share with our group. These are meaningful family stories that could have stopped with me, but now they have been preserved for my children and future generations.”
—Dr. Robert Stark
“I am very grateful to Jill Sarkozi for developing the framework and providing the tools to help me write and preserve my dad’s story. Safekeeping Stories enabled me to better understand my dad’s life experiences and the dilemmas he faced. I am thankful to have a living document that will ensure my dad’s history will never be forgotten.”
—Dennis Schoen

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