An easy and enjoyable way to capture your family’s story


Storykeeping is a modern approach to preserving and sharing family stories.

Both practical and easy-to-use, Storykeeping has been developed through more than a decade of research and years of experience with Storykeepers in one-on-one and small group settings.

Storykeeping will help you connect the dots of your past in a way that leaves a rich and lasting legacy for the future of your family.

  • Discover essential stories

  • Craft in small SlicesTM

  • Share with your children...and the generations

  • Storykeeping works.

Our Programs & Services

Small Group Workshops

Learn the Fundamentals of Storykeeping, a proven path for capturing essential family stories.

No special writing skills required

Featured Workshop: Our Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop helps family members of survivors preserve those important stories of history.

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What People Say
About Our Programs

“One of the reasons I never attempted to write about my family before is that it was so overwhelming. This Workshop provided the way.”

“I created a coherent story about my family.”

“I connected to my roots.”

“Writing in Slices made it happen!”

“Thank you for this life-changing opportunity!”

“I looked forward to each Session.”

“The Workshop is structured, thoughtful, and productive.”

“This task of putting my mother’s story together was daunting. It became manageable, do-able, and a joy.”

“So helpful! I’ve always wanted to write my father’s story and didn’t know how to begin. Finally, it happened!”

“This Workshop has had a profound impact on my family…and me!”

“Thank you for this wonderful Workshop and your ability to put us all at ease!”

Let us help you safekeep your family’s story!