Write a Short and Engaging Family Story
That Connects the Generations

No Special Writing Talent Required


We are very careful to give our kids the family jewelry, keepsakes, and investments, often with the help of financial and legal advisers. But what about your family’s story? We often pass this valuable asset along in bits and pieces, giving little thought to what makes our family endure despite challenges.

All of us have a deep desire to know from who and where we came. Just ask the millions of people looking to find their family story in the public records on the internet.

You, your parents, and grandparents are the most important people in your kids’ lives. Our Storykeeping method, more than a decade in the making, enables anyone to create a legacy of meaning about their family in just a handful of pages.

You’ll be surprised at what you can capture in just 4 weeks!

  • Give your children a personal and meaningful connection to your parents and grandparents

  • Connect 3+ generations of your family in your own words

  • Engage in a purposeful and fulfilling activity with others

  • Make it a family experience: take a workshop with one or more members of your family!

Programs & Services

Featured Workshops

Everyone starts in our Beginner Workshop where you’ll learn Storykeeping, create story segments we call Slices, and gain the skills you need to write as many Slices as you like.

Following our Beginner Workshop, take one of our specialty workshops:

Write about your father, mother, grandmother, or grandfather in our Safekeeping Essentials workshop series.

Designed specifically for family members of Holocaust survivors, the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust workshop enables participants to capture pivotal events in the prewar, wartime, and postwar life of your family member, along with your own insights and reflections.

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Learn Storykeeping in a small group setting live on Zoom

One-On-One ›

Work with us when it’s convenient for you — we’ll provide personal guidance on your family story project

Public Speaking

Speak about your personal story for an educational, community, or professional event and make an impact

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How Our Programs Touch People’s Lives

“One of the reasons I never attempted to write about my family before is that it was so overwhelming. This Workshop provided the way.”

“I looked forward to each Session.”

“The Workshop is structured, thoughtful, and productive.”

“I created a coherent story about my family.”

“I connected to my roots.”

“Writing in Slices made it happen!”

“This task of putting my mother’s story together was daunting. It became manageable, do-able, and a joy.”

“So helpful! I’ve always wanted to write my father’s story and didn’t know how to begin. Finally, it happened!”

“Thank you for this life-changing opportunity!”

“This Workshop has had a profound impact on my family…and me!”

“Thank you for this wonderful Workshop and your ability to put us all at ease!”

Create a lasting legacy in just a few weeks.