A unique and enjoyable way to save your family’s story

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Ours is a new approach to saving family stories. We provide a method that works, a warm and supportive environment, tools to eliminate stumbling blocks, and a self-awareness and understanding that stays with you. In just a few weeks you will save the stories that matter most AND create a meaningful legacy that will last for generations.

Your purpose and your focus. What stories did you inherit? How have you added to them? What stories will live on?

Your family’s story in small Slices — no writing skills required — all you have to do is know how to tell a story

How to do it, why it’s important, and which way is best for you

Storykeeping is a mind, body, spirit activity

You’ll get centered…and stay there long after your Storykeeping session has ended

Storykeeping is for them…but it is also for YOU

Storykeeping is based on the science of well-being


In just a few weeks, you’ll accomplish that long-held desire to preserve your family’s story


Deepen your understanding of your important relationships, even the most challenging


Engage in thought-provoking activities about your family’s experience — and your own


Create an enduring story that will provide purpose and meaning for generations


Open up to new possibilities as you broaden and build on the story you inherited


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