Ellen Kaidanow

Ellen Kaidanow completed the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop program, co-led the Safekeeping Stories Journey to Poland, and is a member of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center’s GenerationsForward Holocaust Speakers Community.

Ellen is the daughter-in-law of two Holocaust survivors. She authored the story of her mother-in-law, also named Ellen Kaidanow, and her miraculous tale of growing up in Dubno, Poland  and becoming the sole survivor of her family at age 6. Ellen has found particular purpose  authoring her family’s story, and seeks to help others do the same. By speaking and sharing her mother-in-law’s story with people of all backgrounds and religions, she hopes that they will become a witness to the Holocaust too.

Ellen is from Menlo Park, California and has a degree in history from UCLA. She has served on the boards of The Port Chester Carver Center and The Children’s Hope Chest. She is active in UJA-Federation, Westchester and is a member of The Jewish Community Center of Harrison.

Read more about Ellen and Slices of her family’s story here.

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Talia Schwartz

Ellen Kaidanow was the most empathic and supportive moderator for this life-changing experience. She is an astute and active listener who is thoughtful and perceptive, helping to draw out even the most reluctant participants. Ellen ushered us through an incredibly intense experience with grace and humility and injected kindness and compassion throughout the process. She allowed us to delve deeply into a sea of painful family memories in a dignified way that empowered each of us. I am grateful to Ellen for her cheerful smile, generosity of spirit, and calming demeanor that served as a source of great comfort during a challenging time.

Peter Lilienthal

Ellen’s leadership, providing a framework to guide me through that process of using and teaching the tools of Safekeeping Stories is a gift. I found the result cathartic and I now have a product I had not imagined could be produced.  I thank Ellen and Safekeeping Stories.

Howard Reissner

The Safekeeping Stories Program is of tremendous value to the participants and their families. Prior to this program, the remembrances of my father’s family was a collection of pictures, documents, video recordings and extensive verbal recollections. The carefully designed writing assignments, excellent teaching by Ellen Kaidanow and class interactions enabled me to craft this large collection of information into a flowing narrative that brought my ancestors to life and into historical perspective.

Lee Najman

The combination of Safekeeping Stories as a remarkable “how to guide” and Ellen Kaidanow’s talent and commitment to the process is an experience for which I will always be grateful. It produced, in spite of my consternation, a personal written story that was liberating and fulfilling. My deepest gratitude for Ellen’s support, encouragement, and guidance, which was always delivered with the warmest smile.

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