Safekeeping Stories Together

Prerequisite: Safekeeping Family Stories Workshop or Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop

You’ve learned the fundamentals of Storykeeping and crafted some key Slices of your family’s story. You’d like to continue working with your group to craft more Slices or share your complete stories with each other.

Whatever your next Storykeeping step, your Facilitator will provide the necessary structure, feedback, and guidance as you continue Safekeeping Stories Together.

Schedule provided by Facilitator via email with link to this registration page.

1 Session, online via Zoom | $45

2 Sessions, online via Zoom | $90

3 Sessions, online via Zoom | $135

4 Sessions, online via Zoom | $180

5 Sessions, online via Zoom | $225

6 Sessions, online via Zoom | $270

Work One-on-One With Your Facilitator

Particularly helpful in the final stages of completing a project. Work with your Facilitator one-on-one to assemble your Slices into a story, or receive edits and feedback on the story you’ve assembled. Your Facilitator will review your work and then meet with you to discuss for an hour via Zoom or phone.

Special price for workshop participants: $150 per session, a 36% discount off of the $235/session One-on-One Consulting services rate.

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