Safekeeping Stories Together

Prerequisite: Safekeeping Family Stories Workshop or Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop

You’ve learned the fundamentals of Storykeeping and crafted some key Slices of your family’s story. You’d like to continue working with your group to craft more Slices or share your complete stories with each other.

Whatever your next Storykeeping step, your Facilitator will provide the necessary structure, feedback, and guidance as you continue Safekeeping Stories Together.

Schedule provided by Facilitator.

1 Session, online via Zoom | $45

2 Sessions, online via Zoom | $90

3 Sessions, online via Zoom | $135

4 Sessions, online via Zoom | $180

5 Sessions, online via Zoom | $225

6 Sessions, online via Zoom | $270

Things to know

  • This is a LIVE workshop delivered online via Zoom. You'll need a video camera on your computer, a secure internet connection, and the latest version of Zoom. 
  • Register early, space is limited. We offer small group experiences for 3-8 people, depending on the Workshop.
  • Basic computer literacy is required to access materials on our website.
  • Expect to spend 60-90 minutes between sessions working at home.
  • Historical research is not the focus of this Workshop and is conducted independently at your discretion.

Would you like a workshop at a particular day or time?

Let us know! These are small group workshops so your input matters. You'll also be the first to find out when registration opens for the next session.

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