Safekeeping Your Story in Powerpoint

For Second Timers to Storykeeping.

You’ve crafted your family’s Story in one of our workshops and would like create a Powerpoint of photos and other family memorabilia to engage your listeners when you share. Learn how to create a powerpoint, as well as the moment of sharing with family and friends.

Pre-Requisite: Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop

4 Sessions | $180

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Things to know:

  • This is a LIVE online workshop delivered via Zoom. You'll need a video camera on your device and a quiet area in your home in order to participate. We suggest you use a laptop or desktop with a secure internet connection.
  • Register early because space is limited. We offer small group experiences for 3-5 people, depending on the Workshop.
  • Basic computer literacy is required in order to access materials and homework from our website.
  • Expect to spend 60-90 minutes between sessions working at home.
  • We give some guidance regarding historical research, but research is not the focus of this Workshop and is conducted independently at your discretion.

Online via Zoom
Jill Sarkozi

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