Family Storykeeping Workshops

For first timers to Storykeeping.

Capture your family stories in a Storykeeping workshop where the structure, guidance, feedback, and warm supportive environment make it happen. No special writing skills are required. Registration is now open for winter workshops below.

Studies show that developing a strong family narrative brings well-being to children. In a matter of weeks and just a few pages, you’ll create a priceless gift for your children and the generations to come.

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Things to know

  • This is a LIVE workshop delivered online via Zoom. You'll need a video camera on your computer, a secure internet connection, and the latest version of Zoom. 
  • Register early, space is limited. We offer small group experiences for 3-8 people, depending on the Workshop.
  • Basic computer literacy is required to access materials on our website.
  • Expect to spend 60-90 minutes between sessions working at home.
  • Historical research is not the focus of this Workshop and is conducted independently at your discretion.

Would you like a workshop at a particular day or time?

Let us know! These are small group workshops so your input matters. You'll also be the first to find out when registration opens for the next session.

4 Week Storykeeping Workshop

4 Wednesdays, 1-2:30 pm

Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

In this introductory Storykeeping workshop, you’ll identify stories of your parents, grandparents, and your own life that matter, and then capture them in short story segments we call Slices. Create 2 or 3 story Slices — a meaningful gift to yourself and your family. No special writing skills are required.




Jill Sarkozi, Founder of Safekeeping Stories

8 Week Storykeeping Workshop

Schedule coming soon! Scroll down and join our wait list and you’ll be the first to hear when registration opens.

Learn Storykeeping to explore stories about your parents, grandparents, and your own life. We’ll show you how to identify the memories that matter, capture them in short segments we call Slices, and then bring them together to create a story.

Walk away with valuable insights about the unique qualities of your family, and a lasting family legacy in 8-12 pages. No special writing skills are required.




Jill Sarkozi, Founder of Safekeeping Stories

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