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Meet with Jill Sarkozi – Founder, Safekeeping Stories 

Your parents, grandparents, and other family members have lived meaningful lives. Maybe you know stories, facts, or genealogy about the past, or maybe you want to capture the story of a living family member.

You’d like your important family stories to live on. You feel a sense of responsibility to make that happen. Maybe you’ve tried to share with other family members and are frustrated that no one seems to care as much as you do.

I can help you create a meaningful story that will not only engage your family in their history, but provide them with something tangible to carry forward for the generations to come!

Register for a free Storykeeping Program or schedule a complimentary consultation. Ask questions and receive suggestions for moving your project forward!

Register for a Free Storykeeping Program

Where Do I Begin?

In this workshop, you’ll learn about Storykeeping and get started on your family story project!

Wednesday, July 7 @ 4-5:00 pm

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