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We create present, effective speakers sharing content that resonates.

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Content that’s connected to you will connect with others.

Begin With a Consultation

We’ll make sure our services are for you before proceeding further. There’s no charge for a consultation.

We can consult by email or phone.

Consult via email

No Charge

Consult via phone

No Charge

Plan and Prepare Session

We’ll meet for 45 minutes by Zoom or phone, your choice. You’ll tell us about your speaking engagement, and we’ll provide suggestions for content and get you started with personal focusing activities. We will estimate the number of Sessions it’ll take to finish your talk and create a timetable for your work. You can continue working with us OR stop here, take all of our advice and guidance, and work on your own.

Plan and Prepare Session


One-on-One Session

We’ll meet for an hour by Zoom or phone, your choice, and follow-up after the Session via email, providing guidance, support, and deadlines according to the timetable we created. We’ll review your work and give written edits, feedback, and direction.

1 Hour Prep Session


Share Your Story

How many Sessions will it take to complete your project?

Every speaking engagement is different and every speaker is different, but most speakers feel prepared in 1-3 sessions.

“I couldn’t have done it without your help. I did it with confidence…and got a standing ovation! Thank you!”

Alice Schoen
Founder, Saving Active Hearts

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