Private Sessions…Personal Program…Your Pace

We Can Help You Complete Your Project!

  • You’d like to create something special for a child, grandchild, sibling, friend…anyone important in your life.

  • You’ve lost someone through death, illness, or aging and you’d like to safeguard their stories.

  • You have historical family stories you’d like to preserve.

  • You have an important occasion you’d like to commemorate with a gift of family story.

  • You’re a Storykeeper who’d like personal guidance on your next Storykeeping project.

  • You have a busy schedule and would like to work with us when it works for you.

  • Or maybe you’d just like our complete focus and attention on your family’s story.

We’ll help you define the scope of your project, provide personal guidance and support from start to finish, and give specific ideas for sharing what you’ve created with the people who matter…now and in the generations to come.

How does it work?

Begin With A Consultation

We’ll make sure One-on-One Storykeeping is for you before proceeding further. There’s no charge for a consultation.

Consult via email

No Charge

Consult via phone

No Charge

Next, Is A Plan And Prepare Session

We’ll meet for 45 minutes by Zoom or phone, your choice. You’ll tell us about your project, and we’ll create a personal plan to accomplish your goals, and estimate the number of sessions it’ll take to complete your project.

You can continue working with us OR stop here, take our advice on your project, and continue working on your own.

Plan and Prepare Session


Continue With A One-on-One Session

Each session includes the following:

  • direction, support, and guidance to create writings we call Slices, which come together to create a richly layered and meaningful story in just a handful of pages
  • a one-hour phone or Zoom meeting to provide valuable feedback and discussion about your writings
  • direction and guidance on the next stage of the project

There is no minimum number of sessions. We’ll work with you for as few or as many sessions as is helpful to you.

One-on-One Consulting Session


Project Complete!

Before you know it, your project will be done.

How many Sessions will it take to complete your project?

Every project is different, every person is different, so the amount of time each project and person will require is different.

The average project can be completed in 6 Sessions. Smaller projects take 2-3 Sessions. Larger, multi-generational projects take 8-12 Sessions or more.

Experienced Storykeepers can expect to complete their projects in fewer Sessions.

High-Quality Content, Meaningful Experience.