“Our survival has meaning for mankind”
Elie Wiesel, The Nobel Peace Prize speech, 1986

Work with us in a group or one-on-one – either way, you’ll feel good knowing your family’s Holocaust story has been saved.



Holocaust Storykeeping® Workshops

Fundamentals of Storykeeping

Safekeep the important stories of the Holocaust for the next generation in one of our Storykeeping Workshops.

In just a few weeks, you will have the peace of mind that your family’s story will never be forgotten, that it is safely preserved, and that it will live on for generations.

In our Workshop you will…

  • Meet like-minded members of the Second and Third generation and engage in meaningful conversations
  • Delve deeply into the question how did they survive…and get answers
  • Connect to family character strengths that were present then and are alive now in family members
  • Learn that you have a story to tell, too – your personal experience with a Holocaust survivor makes you a witness too!

Shift from overwhelmed to empowered as you learn how to easily sift through the sea of facts and events to DISCOVER the stories that matter most. CRAFT your story one Slice at a time and SHARE your family’s experiences in a safe, supportive, and warm environment, in just a matter of weeks.

Storykeeping Together

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of Storykeeping Workshop

Continue Crafting Slices of your family’s story with other participants who have an established Storykeeping practice. Craft chronologically — Pre-War, Wartime, Post-Liberation — then Share with participants. You’ll receive valuable insights from workshop discussions and periodic personal feedback from your facilitator.

Basic Holocaust Storykeeping Workshop Package

  • 10 participants
  • 1 facilitator
  • 6 sessions, 1 1/2 hours each

Includes Storykeeping materials and personal support via email

PRICING: Storykeeping Workshops are customized to meet the needs of individual clients.  Ask about your particular group!

Storykeeping Workshop Benefits

You’ll receive all the scientifically grounded know-how and support that participants have come to expect from a Storykeeping Workshop, including how to engage your mind, body and spirit so your entire system is working for you, instead of against you.

You will be touched and transformed by your own family story!

Holocaust Storykeeping® Clubs

Want to continue in a group setting long after your Storykeeping Workshop is through? Form a Storykeeping Club! Meet other Workshop alums in this “201” experience where you will receive personal support and guidance from Safekeeping Stories every time your Club gathers. Each club member chooses a focus –  their own story or that of another family member — then meets regularly with the group to continue the meaningful experience of Storykeeping together.

Basic Holocaust Storykeeping Club Package

  • 10 participants
  • 1 facilitator
  • 6 sessions, 2 hours each

Includes Storykeeping materials and personal support via email

PRICING: Storykeeping Clubs are customized to meet the needs of individual clients. Ask about your particular group!

One-on-One Holocaust Storykeeping® Consulting

Learn the Fundamentals of Storykeeping developed specifically for Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust at your own pace. Receive individualized support as you Discover, Craft and Share your family’s story. Establish a Storykeeping practice tailored just for you, that suits your particular needs and lifestyle. Receive feedback along the way and direction on which Slice is next.

One-on-One Storykeeping Consulting

  • 1 participant
  • 1 facilitator
  • 6 sessions, 1 1/2 hours each

Includes Storykeeping materials and personal support via email

PRICING: One-on-one Storykeeping is customized to meet your needs. Ask about a consulting arrangement that works for you!

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“These workshops have been extremely helpful to our organization. I’m grateful to Jill and Safekeeping Stories for helping the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center continue its mission.”

Millie Jasper, Executive Director, Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center

Storykeeping Workshop participant Millie Jasper, 2017
Storykeeping Workshop participant Audrey Unger Reich, 2017

“Participating in the Safekeeping Stories Workshop has been one of the most meaningful, formative experiences I have ever had.  Through writing and sharing my father’s Holocaust story I learned that it is also my story, and that it continually effects my family’s actions and responses.  Jill offers her expertise in motivating and editing, with thoughtful encouragement, enthusiasm, caring and patience.”

Audrey Unger Reich

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