General Questions

I really want to save my family’s story. What’s the best way to get started?

By learning the Fundamentals of Storykeeping — with a group in a Workshop setting or individually with One-on-One Consulting.

In just 6 Sessions we show you not only how to get started, but how to keep going. We understand why so many people have difficulty writing their stories and show you the simple steps you need to take to avoid the pitfalls and get it done.

In general, how long does it take to get the full story?

The Fundamentals of Storykeeping will get you started — in 6 Sessions you will have a few Slices of your story finished and all the Storykeeping know-how you need to keep going on your own. So long as you stay committed to a weekly practice, you should be able to finish Crafting your story in 6 additional weeks.

If you prefer working with others, you can continue in our Storykeeping Together Workshop or receive One-on-One Storykeeping Consulting and finish in 6 additional Sessions.

Of course, finishing is always in the sole control of the participant, so this is meant to be an estimate based upon our experience with the average participant with a consistent Storykeeping practice and no extenuating circumstances.

I’m not a writer! Is Storykeeping for me?

Storykeeping is not about being a writer — anyone can tell a story. We live our lives through story — we learn about current events from stories on the news at night, access religion through spiritual stories, relax at night with stories in a book or on TV, and then dream stories when we sleep at night. We live our lives through story. It is how we as humans interact with our world.

We don’t spend time analyzing sentences for word choice and structure. This is not a writing course. We spend time helping you access the story that only you can tell — the story that is inside you, ready to come out. Then we spend time seeing how this story has unfolded in the generations of your family and help you make meaning for yourself out of that.

What’s your philosophy?

Through working with people over time we know that everyone has a unique story to tell. The hardest part is knowing how to let that story flow. The Storykeeping experience shows you how to do that and what we see time and again is that your story will actually find you.

I get overwhelmed when I think about capturing my family story --- I have so many stories, photos, memorabilia. How would you help me?

Storykeeping is not about capturing every single story, photo and memory. If it is too much for you, it will be too much for anyone else, too.

The best way to make your family story accessible is to focus in on what’s most important and we show you how to figure that out. You’ll capture your story in small Slices  that add up to a deeper, richer story than a story that just chronicles every single experience.

You’ll be surprised to see that once you locate the right stories, the right photos and memorabilia emerge too. It all comes together to form a very meaningful story with fewer words, photos and memories than you would ever imagine.

Less always proves to be more.

I want to make a book. Is that the goal of your program?

No, but you can take what you create in our program and put it into book form on your own. We suggest you begin on paper and then continue in Word or Google Docs and your finished Slices will be in that format.

I don’t see what I’m looking for on your website. Can you customize a program for me?

Absolutely! Contact us and let us know what you need and we will let you know what we can put together for you.

Member Questions

How do I become a Member?

All participants in our programs are members and are given access to content from our programs online for the duration of their Workshop, Story Club or Consulting arrangement.

What does Membership provide?

Step-by-step guidance for each and every Storykeeping session. We have videos to get you started, activities to locate your stories, and direction for what to do next. We provide informative articles and videos, inspiration to keep you going, and, for some groups, the ability to communicate and share with other participants.

I signed up for a Workshop, how do I access the member area?

You will receive members login credentials at the Workshop. To log in, simply click on the members button at the top of every page on this website.

I lost my password! What do I do?

Please contact your workshop facilitator.

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