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Growing Up Hunting Nazis

by Second Generation Storykeeper Debby Ziering Herman joined forces with Elliot Welles to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. Elliot was also a survivor of the Riga Ghetto whose mother was shot by Maikovskis.  Herman was determined to have Maikovskis extradited to stand trial and Elliot was determined to bring to justice the man who […]

Why Are You Just Sitting There? Run!

by Second Generation Storykeeper Ellen Kaidanow Our names are a foundational connection to identity and family. In this Slice, Ellen tells her mother-in-law’s journey into hiding during the Holocaust which included changing her name from “Shifra” to “Marusia” Shifra’s father decided to build a secret hiding place, or bunker, in their ghetto house where they […]

Wartime Bar Mitzvah

by Second Generation Storykeeper Debby Ziering It was December 1939 in Germany and Herman, was turning 13. Under normal circumstances, when a boy reaches the age of 13, the family would be busy planning a bar mitzvah, a major milestone in a young Jewish boy’s life. The bar mitzvah boy would recite that week’s Torah […]

Prewar Life in Strobochova

by Third Generation Storykeeper Yonat Assayag My grandmother, Chana, was born in 1924 in a Czechoslovakian village called Strobochova. She became “Bobby” when I was born, and she became a grandmother for the first time. Bobby’s parents were Chaya and Moshe Klein and they had seven children. Bobby was their 5th child. She had 4 […]

Storykeeper Network

Begin researching your family’s story using the Storykeeper Network and utilize the resources that Storykeepers in our Safekeeping the Stories of the Holocaust Workshop have found most helpful. Only registered workshop participants can post, but anyone can use these excellent resources! Browse on your own — just click “Storykeeper Network” below — or get started […]

2G and 3G Storykeepers — What Does It Mean?

Storykeepers are people who’ve spent a few weeks writing a multi-generational story about their family in about a dozen pages. There’s a special group of Storykeepers — family members of Holocaust survivors — who’ve taken the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop, and helped each other preserve these painful personal stories of history. They come […]