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Episode 1: Schwartz to Sarkozi: “Volunteering” to Take a Hungarian Name

My father-in-law, Laci (pronounced: Lut-zee), has self-published a book for his grandchildren that described what he called “episodes” about his life. On the front cover is this picture you see here of a 1912 postcard of his grandfather’s store in Ujkecske, Hungary. In the Introduction to his book Laci wrote: “During some conversations about past […]

Why Write About Your Family’s Past?

  It’s inevitable. The family is together and the phones are there too, if not physically then as a thought in the back of everyone’s mind, “Am I missing something on… Snapchat, text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email?” Often our digital age (and now COVID) is cited as the cause for the widespread anxiety and despair […]


Why Are You Just Sitting There? Run!

by Second Generation Storykeeper Ellen Kaidanow Our names are a foundational connection to identity and family. In this Slice, Ellen tells her mother-in-law’s journey into hiding during the Holocaust which included changing her name from “Shifra” to “Marusia” Shifra’s father decided to build a secret hiding place, or bunker, in their ghetto house where they […]