Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Stories about family are the ultimate legacy gift.

Family stories are priceless — they can’t be bought and aren’t for sale. But you can help someone capture their stories and create a meaningful legacy gift for their children by giving a friend or family member gift certificates to participate in one of our Storykeeping workshops.

Please note that Basic Computer Literacy is required for all our workshop. Please read the FAQ to ensure our workshop is right for your friend or family member before purchasing gift certificates.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed, their family story project is an activity they look forward to and enjoy. Our participants may find themselves having conversations with family members they’ve never had, connecting to memories, and finding the words to describe what it means to be part of their family.

We provide structure, guidance, feedback, and encouragement and a community of Storykeepers. No writing skills are required. We meet live, online via Zoom.

Gift Certificates

Select a service below and make your payment with PayPal or a credit card. You’ll receive a receipt from PayPal by email right away and then we will follow up with you within one business day by email to help you create a personal message on your gift certificates.

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Beginner Workshop Gift Certificates / $195

Help a friend or family member get started on their family story project in our Beginner Workshop.

Safekeeping Essentials Workshop Series Gift Certificates / $250

The Beginner Workshop is required before taking any workshop in our Safekeeping Essentials series:

  • Safekeeping Essential Stories – Mothers
  • Safekeeping Essential Stories – Fathers
  • Safekeeping Essential Stories – Grandmothers
  • Safekeeping Essential Stories – Grandfathers

Safekeeping Stories of Your Family’s Holocaust Survivor Gift Certificates / $250

The Beginner Workshop is required before taking this workshop to write the story of your family’s Holocaust survivor.

One-on-One Storykeeping Gift Certificates $235/Session

Each One-one-One Storykeeping session includes:

  • a one-hour phone or Zoom meeting to discuss your family Storykeeping project
  • the structure, guidance, and encouragement for the next step on the project

One-on-One Storykeeping — 1 Session

One-on-One Storykeeping — 2 Sessions

One-on-One Storykeeping — 3 Sessions

Questions? Contact us to learn more.

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