Hope Sunflower Jewelry

Kathy Zaltas, daughter of two Holocaust survivors, was inspired to create Hope Sunflower jewelry after preserving her mother’s story in the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop.

A portion of the proceeds of each Hope Sunflower sale will support the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center, whose mission is to teach through the lens of the Holocaust the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect.

The Origin of Your Hope Sunflower

I have been touched by a special journey — the dignity, honor, and pride of telling my parents’ painful stories during the Holocaust.

Through the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop, sponsored by the HHREC and led with inspiration by Jill Sarkozi, I have been able to dig deep into my family’s history and learned to craft their stories of darkness and courage.

I tell their stories as a legacy for my children and grandchildren and all future generations. In many ways, the “telling” has been healing and has afforded me the opportunity to teach the lessons of the Holocaust and human rights education to many generations, so that they may live in light rather than darkness.

The sunflower is the symbol of Safekeeping Stories and has inspired me. She grows and follows the light. From her dark center, seeds emerge, numerous and nourishing, and create NEW sunflowers in the spring.

It is my hope that, like the seeds of the sunflower, the stories of the Holocaust will spread all of the world, healing, teaching the importance of acceptance, understanding, and the value of human rights. These I call the Seeds of HOPE!

– Kathy Grosz-Zaltas

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