Debby Ziering

Debby Ziering completed the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop program, and is a member of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center’s Generations Forward Holocaust Speakers Community.

Debby is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. She authored the story of her father, Herman, in the Workshop. Herman is from Kassel, Germany and was a teen when the Nazis invaded Germany. He was sent to the Riga Ghetto in Latvia and the Kaiserwald concentration camp. Debby recounts her father’s story from the perspective of a young teen and discusses how her father’s story has impacted her life.

The Ziering family story as told by Debby is recounted in the Herman and Lea Ziering Archive Center at the Manhattan College Genocide and Multicultural Center in Riverdale, New York. In addition to books and other resources for research, the archive includes artifacts from Herman’s work bringing Nazi war criminals to justice after the war.

Debby co-teaches 8th graders at SAR Academy in the Names Not Numbers© Program, an oral history film project which enables students to interview Holocaust survivors to learn about World War II and create a documentary. The documentaries from the program are archived at Yad Vashem and The National Library of Israel.

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