Bill Zimmerman

Bill Zimmerman completed the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop in early 2019, and is a member of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center’s GenerationsForward Holocaust Speakers Community.

Both of Bill’s parents are Holocaust survivors from Poland, and he wrote their story in the workshop. Bill took a multi-generational pilgrimage to Poland with his parents, wife, and children in 2005.

Bill is an educator. He spent 36 years of his career in the K-12 domain, and over a decade at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York working with Education majors, teaching math courses, and co-teaching a Holocaust studies course which includes a study abroad component at Auschwitz.

“I derive great personal satisfaction from teaching. I enjoy not only teaching students and teachers about the subject matter, but fostering their social and emotional learning as well.”

Work One-On-One With Bill

Personalize Your Workshop. Only available to registered workshop participants. Work with Bill one-on-one to receive edits and feedback, assemble your story, craft a beginning and ending, and bring insights of meaning to the story you’ve created. Bill will review your work and meet with you for an hour via Zoom or phone to discuss.

Special price for workshop participants: $150 per session, a 36% discount off of the $235/session One-on-One Consulting services rate. Please email Bill to schedule.

One-On-One Consulting Services.

1-Consultation. Begin with a consultation about your project. Contact Bill to schedule.

2-Plan and Prepare Session. Meet with Bill via Zoom or phone to discuss your project. Bill will provide advice and guidance as to how to proceed. Continue working with Bill in individual Storykeeping Sessions, or take his advice and work on your own. Session is 45 minutes. $125

3-Storykeeping Session. Meet with Bill via Zoom or phone and receive personal structure, direction, feedback, support, and oversight on your family story project. Session is one hour. $235

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