How to start researching your family’s story now using our Holocaust Storykeeper Network.

1-Click on the first post, “Useful sites for family research”

  • Search a family member’s name in the Arolsen Archives. You can filter by nationality and access original documents about a relative.
  •  Or find a name by using the link to the Auschwitz-Birkenau archive or to Flossenburg Concentration camp.
  • Do some genealogy research using one of the many genealogy links, or contact the genealogist listed — a sister of a Storykeeper who is also a leader in the International Jewish Genealogy Society.

2- Browse the posts to find something specific to your story

  • Use the resources for Munkacs, Ukraine or Zamosc, Poland or the Riga Ghetto.
  • Learn about a great reference book for camps and ghettos.
  • Hire a Yiddish translator to understand the documents that you have.
  • Find out how to get a copy of your family’s restitution papers, a great resource for key family information.

3-Learn about tech tools that will support your research

  • Scan photos and documents
  • Use a family tree template
  • Do quick translations with Google tools
  • Record a conversation with a relative


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