Storykeeping provides tools and techniques that enable people to create a meaningful family story in about a dozen pages. We teach you a process for learning how to develop a personal system for doing the work, provide the focus to get your pen moving, and before you know it you’ve got a notebook full of memories, a sense of what truly matters for you and for your family, and the story you’ve longed to create begins to emerge.

We don’t teach writing because no particular writing skills are necessary. Our goal is to have you write your stories as you tell them because your kids (and their kids) will treasure that. Anyone can do this because everyone can tell a story.

We don’t teach people how to do family history or genealogical research, but we have compiled a network of Resources for Research. Some of the resources have been posted by Safekeeping Stories and some have been posted by our Storykeepers. You’ll find broad and general references that Safekeeping Stories has posted— links to websites, books, software and online tools, as well as professionals like personal historians, genealogists, and translators — as well as general and very niche resources posted by our Storykeepers about very tiny and specific places their family is from or particular information related to their family’s culture such as food and music. There is also information about organizations that may be helpful to you. If you want to do some research, this is a great place to start.

We don’t seek to capture every family story. Not only would that be too much for you, but it would be too much for your family to take in. Our end goal is a story that is 10-15 pages. It doesn’t take long to write, and it doesn’t take long to read. A handful of pages can provide meaning that will last for generations.

Get started today by subscribing here and we’ll show you some easy ways to capture family stories on your own. We’ll also let you know about upcoming workshops if you’d rather join a group of Storykeepers live via Zoom. We can also work with you one-on-one or prepare a special Storykeeping program for your group or organization.

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