When we were kids, we learned through stories. Stories told by teachers in school, and parents at bedtime. We took in current events through news stories, and discovered our wants through stories in ads on TV. We also learned about our family through stories told at holidays and around the dinner table each night.

As adults, we continue the storytelling. Now we are the ones telling the stories in schools, at bedtime, through news outlets, ads, and around the table with our family. We talk about the stories we love in books, movies, and shows when we get together with friends. We tell our professional story in job interviews. We get to know people that we meet by telling stories about our lives. All of us have pretty decent story skills because we’ve been listening to and telling stories our entire lives.

Everyone has important stories to share about their family, stories that later generations would like to hear. Maybe it’s the story that’s told every time the family gathers, or the story you heard once that stayed with you. Maybe you don’t have all the details, but you know that it means something in the life of your family. Chances are it does.

Wouldn’t you love to have a few pages written by a parent or grandparent telling a few stories about their lives, people in your family, or experiences they had during particular moments in history? Whatever they chose to put down on paper, would be a treasure for you because it would provide a window of understanding into what your family is all about.

Storykeepers are people who create these family treasures. They write family stories for family members, plain and simple. Everyone has the ability to be a Storykeeper because everyone can tell a story, and has an important story to tell.

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