I caught a glimpse of some fabric from my childhood home in a retro online photo and it surprisingly transported me back to that time and how it felt to be in that home. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels are powerful transmitters of memories.

At the time I was already in reminiscence mode because I was moving. I’d been spending my days packing up (and at times discarding) the past 11 years I’d spent in my adult home. In those years, I’d brought home a baby son and sent a daughter to college, said good-bye to Papa Sam and hello to a new puppy, learned how to garden, and created a website.

I wanted us to remember how it felt to live in that house, so I took photos of some everyday sights and loaded them into my “Home” Storykeeping Folder. Here are 7 of my photos.

File Mar 28, 3 05 28 PM1- the front door

File Mar 28, 4 05 48 PM 2-some wallpaper

View Out of a Window3-the view out the front door

4-a daily activity

5-the entryway

6-cooking in the kitchen

File Mar 28, 3 06 55 PM7-outside

Your Turn

Notice your everyday sights in your home and take a few photos on your phone. Focus on the sights that may not have been the focus of a photo before. Open a kitchen cabinet, desk drawer, or coat closet and photograph what’s inside. Take a picture of your current project spread out all over your dining room table. Capture the view out of the window above the kitchen sink. Photograph your child’s messy room (that drives you crazy everyday). What sights will serve as your photo time machine to transport you back to the feeling of life in your home today? Create a “Home” file in your Storykeeping Folder and save your photos there.

Share ideas about the sights that you captured below.

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