Storykeepers are people who’ve spent a few weeks writing a multi-generational story about their family in about a dozen pages.

There’s a special group of Storykeepers — family members of Holocaust survivors — who’ve taken the Safekeeping Stories of the Holocaust Workshop, and helped each other preserve these painful personal stories of history.

They come from all walks of life — different ages, life stages, locations, and professions. Their family member-survivors are from countries throughout Europe, and their wartime experiences vary — some left their home country in the early stages of war, some went into hiding, some endured concentration camps, some went on the run. But somehow, they all survived.

For the most part, Storykeepers belong to one of two groups:

  • Second Generation or 2G Storykeepers focus on the story of a family-member survivor who is one generation before them — often a parent or in-law.
  • Third Generation or 3G Storykeepers take the lens a generation wider and write about the experiences of a survivor two generations before them — typically a grandparent.

There is such a feeling of belonging that comes when 2G and 3G Storykeepers share their stories. The stories are all different, but the connection is profound as they discover together how they’ve been shaped and formed by their family’s experiences in the Holocaust. Second and Third Gen Storykeepers add a layer of meaning to the story that shines the light of awareness for all of the generations that follow.

Read about 3G Storykeeper Yonat Assayag here.

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