Let’s give FFJ a try. Asking “Why?” is usually a good place to start. Below you will find guidance with a focusing question and a time limit to answer. Use FFJ to jot your answers in your notebook.
I recently did this activity and provided my jotting as an example. Bear in mind that I wrote this after being at this while.

Discover Activity (Set a timer for 3 minutes)
Go to a clean piece of paper in your notebook. At the top of the page write:
Why do I want to safekeep family stories? Use FFJ to answer.

Why Do I Want to Safekeep Stories?
To share stories with my kids and their kids
To honor people important to me
To pass along life lessons to my kids
To make sure I/we don’t forget important memories and experiences
To add to the definition of who we are as a family
Because I feel a sense of responsibility to the generation that came before and the generations to come
To understand how someone has impacted my life
To pass on traditions
We have some great stories!
To connect to my roots
I enjoy remembering
To make sense of experiences
To live in a way that puts into action some important experiences/life lessons

Please share one or more of the reasons you want to safekeep family stories in the comments below!