People who’ve never done Storykeeping are confused about what it is.
“It’s that ancestry thing, right?” No.
“It’s a writing course, right?” No.
“Is it therapy?” No.

Storykeeping is an activity that enables people to assemble important family experiences in a meaningful way and then share what they’ve created with their family. This is an activity that anyone can do because everyone can tell a story. And the way to begin is the way people begin any other activity or hobby: learning tools, techniques and positioning. Storykeeping is the tools, techniques, and positioning for capturing family stories.

So while we don’t teach people how to use or do genealogical research, we do provide some guidance and resources to help people find their way in this area.

We don’t teach writing because no particular writing skills are necessary. Our goal is to have you write your stories as you tell them.

It’s not therapy. People have long been writing their stories in letters, journals, and diaries. People have been telling their own stories in families and communities for millennia.

Storykeeping helps people navigate their way through the overwhelming sea of thoughts, memories, and feelings, craft a succinct story about the things that matter most, and then share that story with their family.