We help people tell their stories. To select the family stories that are most important and assemble them in a meaningful way. We do this without special language or writing skills because the goal is for you to capture stories in your own words, as if you were speaking to a family member or friend.

We don’t try to capture every family story. Not only would that be too much work for you, it’s too much for your family to take in. Our goal is to help you identify and capture what’s most important in 8-12 pages, and then share it with the people who matter.

Of course, as with anything worthwhile, there’s some useful learning that will make this a lot easier for you. We’ll help you with that.

Get started on your own today with what’s here on this website – you can subscribe here.  And if you decide you’d like to work with us, you can sign up for a workshop, work with us one-on-one, or have us prepare a program for your group or organization.

Remember, stories come from consistent action, no matter how small.